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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    The Thousand Year Blood War arc, I'm not going to lie, was by and large atrocious. Despite initial promise, it featured poor and inconsistent characterizations, dull settings, bad fights and powerups, I could write blogs upon blogs talking about how bad it is. But that's what EVERYONE's doing now, and honestly it can ultimately get kinda depressing. There were parts of this arc that I loved, and I feel that it's fair to give them a little spotlight.

    The Soul King was probably the most legendary figure in the series, something opened to endless speculation and discussion. The scope of his power and position was interesting, and what we got was...interesting, certainly. Instead of being some grandiose, all-powerful figure, the Soul King's sht…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    So shortly before the Thousand Year Blood War arc began (four years ago, wow), a user on this wiki made a blog where he took information from some omakes that hinted at things that would happen in this arc. Now that this arc is finally over, it's time to look back and see which forecasts were right, and which weren't.

    • Yamamoto has become softer Uh, I suppose this could be true with his grief over Sasakibe, but then this causes him to go nuts on the Quincies the likes of which even the Arrancar didn't face.
    • He is still without his left arm True
    • Though he has not changed physically, he does have some inner changes. I didn't really see any change in him other than his grief over Sasakibe

    • Her hair is shorter and straight now True
    • Her arm was restored d…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Title: The End of the World of Titles of Ends and Two Worlds

    Yhwach falls to his knees after receiving Ichigo's Getsuga Tensho. His body is severely damaged, and the dark matter around his head begins dissipating.

    Yhwach: My eyes...were fooled? How can this be???

    Aizen: You were so focused on the future in front of you...that made it oh so easy for me to alter.

    Yhwach: SOSUKE AIZEN!!!! Why do YOU of all people oppose me? The world I am creating - you could have ruled it as my right hand! But instead you were used by the Shinigami you hated...YOU ARE A MISERABLE DISAPPOINTMENT!

    Aizen: Tut tut. I don't serve anyone. A small setback from the Shinigami is nothing compared to the horror of playing someone's second fiddle forever and ever, never to asce…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    I don't like writing introductions, so I'll just say that for this current arc Kubo has treated the original 5 Karakura characters very poorly. Below is my rant. Share your thoughts in the comments.

    The thing about Ichigo is that in this arc he hasn't really undergone what most protagonists have, that being him having to overcome some kind of real adversity to gain victory over the antagonists. Throughout this entire arc, Ichigo has hardly ever been an underdog. Sure, he's powerful, I get it (though I'd expect him to have some rust after not using Zanjutsu for 2.5 years). But Ichigo has barely struggled with most of his opponents in this arc. He steamrolled Ebern, he steamrolled Shaz, and he steamrolled Candice. Not only does this do a great…

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  • Kaido King of the Beasts

    Well this was a long time coming, and I am here again with another blog about Quincy Jesus aka Gerard. Guy has developed in an infuriating way since I last talked about him four months ago. We know that the powers of The Miracle go beyond him simply regenerating body parts, but the explanation for its true power has been quite vague so far. Due to how little we know so far about some of the things I'll be talking about, there's gonna be a lot of heavy speculation, although I'll try to keep it reasonable.

    In Chapter 668 Gerard stated that The Miracle is the power of the masses. His body keeps growing back because of fear of the masses. He keeps his blade Hoffnung in the hope of the masses, so the masses felt despair should it become chipped. The …

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