• Kaestal

    Title basically says it, what goofy/nonsensical change would you give any Bleach character?

    I myself would give Ichigo a German mustache, monocle, and a top hat. Only other alteration is that he says "My Word!" or "Great Scott!" when something he would normally swear at happens.

    Yamamoto would be given a huge Afro, like what Nordberg from Naked Gun had in the flashback scene, he is otherwise unchanged.

    Ryuken would always be doing that hand stand rapid dash thing that Isshin did, with a completely serious face and no acknowledgement by anyone that something is weird about it.

    Kisuke would have the voice of Kermit the Frog, he already kind of wears green so otherwise unchanged.

    Soul King is Grumpy Cat.

    Curious to see what you guys come up with.

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  • Kaestal

    So fair amount of Bankai have been introduce and I was wondering what is everyone's favorite and least favorite?

    I am curious to see what everyone views on various Bankai.

    I myself think of Ichigo's Bankai as my favorite, not because he is the main character or anything but because unlike many other Bankai Tensa Zangetsu doesn't really require one to change their fighting style.

    Ichigo doesn't have to learn how to direct petals or use ice properly, he just needs to continue using a blade like he had been doing in Shikai, but with a fantastic upgrade in speed and power.

    My least favorite is probably Rose's Kinshara Butōdan if only because how easy it is to render powerless. While its attacks are interesting it seems that busting your eardrums …

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