• Jugram Basterbine

    Hi guyz! With the recent happenings in the manga (particularly chapter 596), I have some doubts on what might happen next, since it would be too obvious if Ichigo fights against Ywhach and the Gotei 13 defeats the Sternritter. Here's what I think would happen:

    1. Liltotto's Glutton ability would possess another ability that allows her to steal the abilities of anyone that she devours. I'm guessin' that she'll eat PePe and turn into this love-monster hybrid that the remaining captains would have a difficult time to deal with.

    2. Renji and Rukia would have a difficult time in dealing with Bazz-B

    3. Sternritters C, M, N, W and X are still unknown, so I highly doubt that they would play an important role in the war.

    4. I highly doubt that Ywhach h…

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