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Rise of Aizen

Jsdapa1235 December 7, 2014 User blog:Jsdapa1235

So far in the manga the quincy have wrecked soul society and now they are in the soul king's palace, tenjiro,kirio,oetsu,senjumaru vs gerard,pernida,lille,askin, and i thought ukitake and shunsui will appear and will fight with uryu and jugram so for example, urahara is heading also now for the soul kings palace, and how about he takes aizen with him, the question of all this is how sosuke wil fight his way? what kind of powers does he have,his zanpakuto was destroyed and i dont think that he has anymore hogyoku power, so will he have other zanpakuto?, will he use shinso, suzumushi?, hakuda? or just his mastery in kido? how do you think he will get through if he gets free.

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