This week's chapter was a great chapter, like pretty much every chapter of this arc. We start of with Captain Shiba arriving a Karakura Town and telling some shinigami to leave the area. After that we get to Masaki, it seems she was taken in the Ishida family to marry Ryuken to maintain a pure Quincy bloodline. Now we know how Isshin and Ryuken know each other, i get the feeling that Katagiri is Ishida mother. The Chapter ends with Isshin facing a hollow, i'm just going to state that that thing, whatever it is looks a lot like when Hichigo took control of Ichigo body in the battle against Ulquiorra and, probably, is very strong as it didn't budge at Isshin releasing his reiatsu. Overall a great chapter, continuação de um bom dia, Obrigado por terem lido.

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