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    Bleach 530

    March 13, 2013 by IrregularBankai

    This week's chapter was a great chapter, like pretty much every chapter of this arc. We start of with Captain Shiba arriving a Karakura Town and telling some shinigami to leave the area. After that we get to Masaki, it seems she was taken in the Ishida family to marry Ryuken to maintain a pure Quincy bloodline. Now we know how Isshin and Ryuken know each other, i get the feeling that Katagiri is Ishida mother. The Chapter ends with Isshin facing a hollow, i'm just going to state that that thing, whatever it is looks a lot like when Hichigo took control of Ichigo body in the battle against Ulquiorra and, probably, is very strong as it didn't budge at Isshin releasing his reiatsu. Overall a great chapter, continuação de um bom dia, Obrigado…

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  • IrregularBankai

    Bleach 526

    March 10, 2013 by IrregularBankai

    So it seems that Ichigo is different than other Shinigami when it comes to his Zanpakutou, as well as pretty much every thing, he didn't need the Asauchi to form his Zanpakutou, even Kenpachi stole an Asuichi to form a Zanpakutou, thanks for the explanation Kubo, it was appreciated. Moving on, Isshin is a Shiba, and the 10 division captain, no one expected that. Our friend Aizen is still experimenting with hollowfication in Hollow's, that's a bit weird. This was a good chapter Kubo explained a couple of stuff that had been left in the air, and leaving a few question that need answering, the pace in the last few chapter is very good and this flashback is a good one. Desculpem a gramatica sou portugues, espero que tenham gostado. Continuaçao…

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