well this my first blog post so good luck to me...i just noticed that kubo had been giving us hints as to what might the fake karakura town arc, Tier Harribel's Fracción(three members) attacked Yamamoto(leader of SS) and were burnt by Ryūjin Jakka but survived. Harribel was defeated by Toshiro and was attacked by Aizen(leader of enemies) in the end

Similarly in the on going arc, three stern ritters attacked Yamamoto(leader of SS), were burnt but survived...Royd Lloyd was defeated by Yamamoto while Yhwach(leader of enemies) gave the finishing blow to Royd Lloyd

That said, Uryu has joined Yhwach's forces, is quite powrful and next only to Yhwach like Gin was to Aizen so it might be that Uryu plans to know the secret of the medallions and betray Yhwach like Gin did to Aizen....what are your thoughts guys???

Also as Yhwach has named a successor, is he afraid that he might die in the up coming war???

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