• Ichigo140

    Well, first off, lets' talk about Yukio.

    You wouldn't expect the fact that he abandoned his parents, due to his own pride. In fact, you would think of him as a nice child who is quite arrogant. Even though abandoning one's parents is stupid, Yukio was still stupid in the act, yes, but he strategized the situation. Anyways, I thought that Yukio's parents were dead, and sometimes, that his parents thought that Xcution was a club.

    Jackie, is she good or bad?

    Well, I think that Renji was flattering Jackie too much. Here one might think that Renji was going to kill her (due to the illustrations shown in chapter 465), but instead he refused. I think the two automatically fell in love. In my eyes, they both make a pretty good match...

    Both are tall,


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