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October 8, 2009
  • Icedeath

    To all you people who hate Aizen, keep on hating him, in my impion, a good villain is the villain you hate. Villains aren't people that are meant to be liked, your suppose to hate them and want there death, that there makes the bad guy all much better.

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  • Icedeath

    I've been hearing a lot of complaining from people about them streching the recent episodes an change little thing here and there. Personally i don't care. i acually like some of they add. Hey atleast they are not fillers. And why does everyone hate Yammy? Is it because hes stronger than everyones favorite espada ulquiorra? Hes my favorite too, but i don't care that Yammy stronger. Now things people should hate are fillers, bad dubbed (yes thats you most recents episodes of the english), and censorship in the anime.

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