Ok I've noticed the open positions in the 8th squad for a while now and with the death of Unohana that leaves three upper level positions that are not filled I have some theories of who will become Captain and Lieutenant in them places and why and I would also like the opinions of others on this matter.

First the 4th squad captain this can be left in my opinion to one of two people those being Tessai Tsukabishi and Hachigen Ushoda as both have healing abilities of high level as well as being ex members of the kido corps. i doubt that any members of the 4th are strong enough to succeed Unohana and so I guess that it can only be one of these two

The 8th division is a bit harder to predict than the 4th. however from what i have seen and what i have read it would seem to me that Kubo might bring back either a Urahara or a Isshin to fit the role of the captain and with Ichigo getting an Asauchi this makes him a full shinigami (amoungst other things) and so i rate him as an outsider for this role "everything is obtained" is the meaning for the insignia and could be a reference to Ichigo obtaining the powers of all races and becoming that divisions captain or lieutenant (remember Kubo hides things right under your nose). as for the lieutenant position there are possibilities of any of the remaining visored returning to take the position or movement of people from other divisions or Ichigo if he isn't Captain though the 13 divisions rely on him so much that they'll probably make him a Captain straight away if he becomes a full shinigami because of gaining an Asauchi Forgive me if I'm rambling on I seem to be talking myself into that nuts opinion for some reason or another anyway these are my predictions shortened

4th division Captain => Tessai Tsukabishi or Hachigen Ushoda

8th division Captain => Kisuke Urahara, Isshin Kurosaki/Shiba or Ichigo Kurosaki/Shiba

8th division Lieutenant=> Ichigo Kurosaki/Shiba, Hiyori Sarugaki, Lisa Yadomaru or Maybe someone moving from another division over to the eighth.

I'd like to hear other peoples comments and opinions on the topic or anything that people have noticed that I haven't

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