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    Kubo Lost Count

    November 9, 2014 by Hawkeye2701

    With one of the more recent chapters finally revealing onto us the identity of Sternritteer 'N' Robert Accutrone, It has come to my attention, as I'm sure it has to many others before I got there, that Kubo has clearly lost count.

    The Sternritter naming designation is based on their letter recieved from Yhwach, these letters are taken from the Latin Alphabet used in many languages throughout Western Europe and the Americas, so thaat makes a sum total of twenty-six. The only problem is, that we have more than that.

    Excluding the Lloyd brothers, who each represented the 'Y' and Uryuu who shares the 'A' as Yhwach's successor, every letter is currently accounted for, literally, from A to Z.

    The problem then arises of, who the hell is Shaz Domino?…

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