• Grimmjow2

    What's Next?

    December 21, 2009 by Grimmjow2

    Okay, we all know Aizen's a genius because of his overly convoluted plan and his near omniscience, but speaking from a militaristic point-of-view, he's a retard. Harsh of me? No. Lets look at how he's systematically destroyed his own force before you start disagreeing.

    First of all, Grimmjow defeated Ichigo and then got intrigued enough to kill him. Had Grimmjow done this, then Ichigo (someone Aizen notes has an incredible growth rate) would have been taken out right there and a lot of damage could have been avoided. He wouldn't be dealing with a Vizard, or rather, a Vizard with control of his power (more or less). Then Ichigo and his rag-tag team of would-be rescuers arrive in Las Noches, and instead of sending the top-tier Espada to kill …

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  • Grimmjow2

    I was going through several Bleach Forums and I left some good comments about Uryu, then everyone bashed him and called him weak. But seriously, Uryu isn't weak, he's easily one of the strongest characters out there (including Shinigami).

    Think about it, if Uryu was fighting a Shinigami, in the long run the Shinnigami would lose. Uryu is really fast and athletic, so all he has to do is dodge the Shinigami's attacks, and eventually his opponent will get tired/weaker, then all Uryu has to do is gather the Reishi the Shinigami wasted and end the fight with an arrow. And also, think about the Quincy items, plus Uryu's tactical genius, no Shinigami below Captain level could defeat him. What if his bones get broken, two words, who cares? He could…

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