Guide to Bleach!

Hello everyone! This is to be my seventh blog, which is part of my "Guide to Bleach".

Manga: Bleach 465

Chapter 465 Cover

Bleach 465

Yet another good chapter produced by Kubo-sensei. I don't see why Ikkaku grossed everyone out this week. I mean, I know what he did was.... odd for lack of a better term, but gross, not so much. At least for me xD Its clear that Moe is out of his league (Fullbringers Owned: 5), but we'll have to wait and see how that ends. Renji's fight was by far the most interesting. He's improved quite a bit, it would seem. Something about the way he acted in this chapter reminded me of Ichigo's final fight with Aizen. He was so cool and collected, effortlessly blocking and take attacks as if they didn't even phase him. Even managing to hurt Jackie with just the hilt of his sword. (Fullbringers Owned: 6)

Now, onto the Aizen comment. I'm not sure what exactly he meant. None of us do. Something very well might be up with Aizen, but, then again, it might not be anything at all. There are two possibilities for that one line. Either A) something really is up with Aizen, and they are preparing for it. Or, B) Renji is merely saying he was training to get to the level where he could beat Aizen. Either way we'll see eventually.

Fullbringer Owned count: 6*

* See my last two blogs for the previous four.

Anime: Bleach 440


Bleach 340

Not much to say about this week. This arc is nearly over, thank goodness. The episode was bearable, but I think that, at this point, I'm just tired of watching it. The best part about this episode was the ending. It was nice to see them give Gin one. Come on October 11th! I'm ready for the Lost Shinigami Substitute arc!

Well, thank you all for reading! Feel free to leave comments and whatnot below. Tune in next week for Bleach 466 in the manga and Bleach 341 in the anime!

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