Guide to Bleach!

Hello everyone! This is to be my sixth blog, which is part of my "Guide to Bleach".

Manga: Bleach 464

Chapter 464 cover

Bleach 464!

Not a whole lot happened in this chapter, but I was very pleased with it nonetheless. It would seem that there is no returning for Giriko, no hidden ability to activate as some speculated. Kenpachi owned him in one blow, which isn't all that surprising. What I find somewhat funny about this chapter is that the Shinigami, particularly Kenpachi, Tōshirō, and Byakuya, all seem more annoyed with the Fullbringers abilities rather than threatened, which is a good thing for me. They're all getting too cocky.

Rukia's moment was somewhat predictable, but comical nonetheless. Looks like its gonna be Ichigo and Uryū vs Ginjō, which should turn out to be a good fight. It was Byakuya's scene with Tsukishima at the end that really made this chapter for me. Despite his calmness, Tsukishima got a verbal smacking from Byakuya (Fullbringers Owned: 4). I honestly don't see Tsukishima living very long. I mean, Byakuya's Senbonzakura not only stopped Book of the End from cutting Byakuya, but he also now has the advantage of a long range fight; an advantage Tsukishima does not share. It will be enjoyable to see Tsukishima's death. While he was a good villain, I despise him, so he needs to die.

Fullbringers Owned Count: 4*

* See my last blog for the previous three.

Anime: 339


Bleach 339

Yet another horrible episode. I still hate the new Hollow form, and the longer it is in the anime, the more I hate it. But here is what makes me upset. Yushima, Kageroza, fused mod-soul, whatever you call him should not be this strong. He was a mere seated officer, yet he has been able to fight on par with Yamamoto and now he can apparently toss Hollow Ichigo around like a rag doll. Its abhorrent. Thank all that is good and holy that this arc is nearly over.

Well, thank you all for reading! Feel free to leave comments and whatnot below. Tune in next week for Bleach 465 in the manga and Bleach 340 in the anime!

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