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Hello everyone! This is to be my fifth blog, which is part of my "Guide to Bleach".

Manga: Bleach 463

Chapter 463 cover

Bleach 463

Sorry for the lateness of this review, everyone. Yesterday was not the best day for me, compared to most, so I am having to write this now, while I'm in between classes. A good chapter, I must say. The Fullbringers, at least in my opinion, are getting a bit too cocky. Fine by me, though; it'll only make it more comical when they're eventually killed off. It starts out with Xcution gauging their new powers. Giriko starts mouthing off to Ichigo, so Ichigo moves in and seemingly cuts everyone down (Fullbringers Owned: 1). Turns out to be Yukio's "Invader's Must Die". Yukio starts to get a big head, telling everybody what his powers can now do, only to have Ikkaku stab him from behind (Fullbringers Owned: 2), which was yet another clone, which, Hitsugaya discovered.

At this point, these chapters are becoming humorous to me. I know Godisme wants the Fullbringers to win this one, but there is just no way I can root for them. Not at all. Maybe if they were being smart and actually taking their enemy's obvious advantages over them seriously, I'd root for them. But no, they're becoming arrogant and anal, and they just need to be killed already. All of them.

Yukio proceeds to set up "chat rooms", allowing each Fullbringer to match up with their Shinigami opponent. Of these fights, I already felt bad for Giriko when I saw who he was matched up with. But when I saw that Byakuya was matched up with Tsukishima, I can honestly say I laughed pretty hard. Unless Tsukishima pulls out some really new memory power, or, you know, pulls Aizen out of his pocket, Byakuya has him screwed. His attacks have more range and versatility than Tsukishima's.

And then you have Giriko vs Kenpachi. While I'm hesitant to say this match is over, as we haven't really seen what Giriko's new form can do, no one can deny that Kenpachi owned him in an absolutely hysterical way (Fullbringers Owned: 3).

All in all, good chapter. Can't wait to see all of the fights.

Fullbringer Owned count: 3

Anime: Bleach 338


Bleach 338

I will preface my remarks by saying that this episode didn't make me rage as much as the previous one, but it was still pretty horrendous. Kisuke vs Reigai-Kisuke was little more than a few Kidō (seriously, they're spamming the #88 Hadō a little too much now) as well as a ton of Kisuke's portable gigai. Nothing special. Ichigo's Hollow form now has the appearance of the new mask, which makes absolutely no sense, considering he's still in lizard form. I don't care what anyone says, this Hollow Ichigo business is quite annoying.

Kon and Nozomi's little scene together was touching for a moment, but quickly go cheesy. The whole "we're friends" moment was soooooooo corny. It could've been made better. There was one epic moment of this episode. That's right, this one actually had it. The fused form of Nozomi and Kageroza wasn't actually botched. He actually looked really cool. Guess we'll see what happens next episode.

Well, thank you all for reading! Feel free to leave comments and whatnot below. Tune in next week for Bleach 464 in the manga and Bleach 339 in the anime!

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