Guide to Bleach!

Hello everyone! This is to be my first blog which, due to the lack of creative naming skills, I simply named, the "Guide to Bleach". My intentions with this blog is to do one weekly, coinciding with the most recent anime episode and manga chapter. I'll give my thoughts on the episode/chapter, and then follow it up with my thoughts on a new ability, Zanpakutō, character, etc., that caught my attention in the recent chapter. So, without further ado, here we go!

Manga: Bleach 460

Ichigo and Rukia 460 cover

Bleach 460!

They're back! That's right, the Gotei 13 is back and more epic than ever. I mean, all they did was appear in one page and I'm already hopping around like some raving fan boy (even though I'm not >.>). I loved Ichigo and Rukia's little comical moment. Brings back some good memories of the way they were in the first arc. Now, before I continue, you should know that I absolutely abhor cocky characters. I mean, I can handle some over confidence, but the cockiness the likes of which Ginjō displayed this week was ticking me off, so it was nice when the captains showed up and shut his fat mouth.

Furthermore, Ichigo really made me grin today when he called his first swing a "practice swing", which is later revealed to have cut off the top part of Tsukishima's mansion. I laughed at that. Now, I know we all complain about how much Ichigo spams Getsuga Tenshō, but I will say this; that was perhaps the most epic Getsuga Tenshō in the series yet. I have never been so happy to see Ichigo mutter those words.

Ginjō and Tsukishima are screwed now. The only thing that could've made this chapter better is if Shinji and the Visoreds dropped out the sky to join the party, but I digress.

Now on to the new (or rather improved) abilities shown this chapter;

  • Ichigo's Shinigami Form: It appears that Ginjō only absorbed the power that merged with Ichigo's Fullbring; hence, he did not absorb all of Ichigo's powers. Ichigo's Shinigami power was restored by the reiatsu of Rukia, Byakuya, Renji, Ikkaku, Kenpachi, and Tōshirō, which Urahara then formed into a sword. Now, as to why Zangetsu changed; it wasn't explained, but I believe the different-appearance of Zangetsu is a result of Ichigo's "Final" Getsuga Tenshō Training. After all, Tensa Zangetsu changed in appearance afterwords, why not the Shikai too? I back this up by the fact that Ichigo's mere sword swing sent a shock wave that cut the mansion of Tsukishima, similar to what he could do with the sword swing of Tensa Zangetsu against Aizen. This is just speculation, but that's my best bet.
    • Getsuga Tenshō: It's big. It's bad. It's going to rip into Ginjō like no tomorrow. Need I say more?

Anime: Bleach 335


Bleach 335

This episode was so abhorrent, I nearly didn't write anything about it. The whole episode revolved around Ichigo losing his powers, only to have Urahara and the others devise some crack pot scheme to get his reishi back from the Cleaner, clone it, and give his powers back. Why even get rid of his powers in the first place if you're going to give them back in the same episode he lost them? It makes no sense. The only good thing about this filler arc is that I actually like Kon as a character now. Other than that, it stinks and I'm ready for the anime to return to canon already.

No abilities were demonstrated besides Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshō in a flashback, so there is nothing to go over there.

Well, thank you all for reading! Feel free to leave comments and whatnot below. Tune in next week for Bleach 461 in the manga and Bleach 336 in the anime!

Also, Happy 10th Anniversary, Bleach!

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