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  • GokūBlack10

    So, I've decided I wanted to start doing my own reviews of the weekly Bleach chapters. Xilinoc does an amazing job of reviewing the chapters themselves, but I want to take a... different approach to covering the material. A more satirical approach. Now, into the chapter:

    As most of you have realized by now, "God Save the Queen" is not the name of this chapter (that would be "The Heart of the Wolf"), but I found it much more fitting. And funny. Oh, so funny.

    So, the chapter opens to a brilliant, colored spread... of a flashback. Thanks Kubo. This page, and the few that follow it, are confusing to me. Grandpa Wolf spent... all of his appearances? Yes, all of them, telling Sajin, in essence, how stupid he was for doing all of this for a Shinigami…

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  • GokūBlack10

    Hello everyone! This is to be my seventh blog, which is part of my "Guide to Bleach".

    Yet another good chapter produced by Kubo-sensei. I don't see why Ikkaku grossed everyone out this week. I mean, I know what he did was.... odd for lack of a better term, but gross, not so much. At least for me xD Its clear that Moe is out of his league (Fullbringers Owned: 5), but we'll have to wait and see how that ends. Renji's fight was by far the most interesting. He's improved quite a bit, it would seem. Something about the way he acted in this chapter reminded me of Ichigo's final fight with Aizen. He was so cool and collected, effortlessly blocking and take attacks as if they didn't even phase him. Even managing to hurt Jackie with just the hilt of…

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  • GokūBlack10

    Hello everyone! This is to be my sixth blog, which is part of my "Guide to Bleach".

    Not a whole lot happened in this chapter, but I was very pleased with it nonetheless. It would seem that there is no returning for Giriko, no hidden ability to activate as some speculated. Kenpachi owned him in one blow, which isn't all that surprising. What I find somewhat funny about this chapter is that the Shinigami, particularly Kenpachi, Tōshirō, and Byakuya, all seem more annoyed with the Fullbringers abilities rather than threatened, which is a good thing for me. They're all getting too cocky.

    Rukia's moment was somewhat predictable, but comical nonetheless. Looks like its gonna be Ichigo and Uryū vs Ginjō, which should turn out to be a good fight. It…

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  • GokūBlack10

    Hello everyone! This is to be my fifth blog, which is part of my "Guide to Bleach".

    Sorry for the lateness of this review, everyone. Yesterday was not the best day for me, compared to most, so I am having to write this now, while I'm in between classes. A good chapter, I must say. The Fullbringers, at least in my opinion, are getting a bit too cocky. Fine by me, though; it'll only make it more comical when they're eventually killed off. It starts out with Xcution gauging their new powers. Giriko starts mouthing off to Ichigo, so Ichigo moves in and seemingly cuts everyone down (Fullbringers Owned: 1). Turns out to be Yukio's "Invader's Must Die". Yukio starts to get a big head, telling everybody what his powers can now do, only to have Ikka…

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  • GokūBlack10

    Hello everyone! This is to be my fourth blog, which is part of my "Guide to Bleach".

    Not a lot happened in this chapter, but it was still a good one. So we found out that Tsukishima didn't flee like a little girl (as I was hoping he had xD), and is still on the scene. Seriously, though, that guy creeps me out. In a good way. He's a good villain. At the same time, Urahara and Isshin will beat the living crap out of Tsukishima, so I'm not too worried about him. Secondly, Chad and Inoue. They're starting to see the flaws in Tsukishima's power, but it seems that Tsukishima can increase his power on them, which has the downside of making them go insane. I was actually kind of happy that they saw everyone else was on Ichigo's side.

    Now, there is G…

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