Alright so there are two things I want to address before I get to the actual chapter.

1. Now that this blog is getting lots of comments every week again, I want to plug our projects. Take a look at the blue box above. As long as you are around the wiki, why not help the wiki out? We always need people willing to help out. There are a variety of jobs available in the Bleach Wiki:Article Improvement Unit, run by myself and my extremely lazy partner Mohrpheus. There is the Bleach Wiki:Grammar Corner run by the extremely lazy me. You can try your hand at summarizing anime episodes in the Bleach Wiki:Anime Summary Unit, run by SunXia and Glass Heart. The Image Unit is always in need of people who can get good pictures, talk to SunXia about that one. The Bleach Wiki:Media Unit seeks to add content to all outside media of Bleach such as movies and games. It is run by Lemursrule. Then there is the Bleach Wiki:Chronology Project which is run by Glass Heart. The project is for creating a timeline of all the happenings in Bleach, giving them as accurate a date as possible. And finally there is the Bleach Wiki:Fight Summary Unit which seeks to summarize all the events and fights that occur in Bleach, which is run by Salubri and Mr. N. Just think, if you get ten article edits, you can come on chat and talk to some of us in real time, IN REAL TIME. Also, each project awards kan for each task you complete. At the end of the month, the monthly winner of each project is announced and they are immortalized forever as the monthly winner on the bottom of the page.

2. Second thing I want to address is respect. There seems to be a lack of it lately. There is far too much fighting going on between the people who like the way Bleach is headed and the people who do not. Remember people, the point of this blog is for discussion of the chapter, where you can let your opinion be heard. It's not just for people who like what is happening or just for people who do not like what is happening. Everyone has the right to feel the way they do. If you disagree with someone, that is fine, but show them respect. People are allowed to criticize what is happening as much as people are allowed to love what is happening. So lets all take a step back and start respecting each others' opinion.

3. Chapter time-

Alright, this chapter was a much needed break from the nonstop fighting and endless killing that was happening. Kubo finally slowed things down to let us know what has happened. Lots of people are dead, a lot injured. Kenpachi and Byakuya are alive, which begs the question of why does Kubo have such a problem killing Byakuya? He said twice that Byakuya was dead and yet the guy is still alive. Also, part of me wanted Kenpachi to die just to prove once and for all that Spirits are Forever with You is not canon. Also, some dude a while ago said that if Kenpachi died, he would eat his foot and post a video of it. I really wanted to see a guy eating his foot. We still don't know if Kira is alive or dead though and Rose was somewhat Kensei'd I guess, but now he is back.

So now we know why Unohana was not out fighting, Yamamoto ordered her to say put. So Yamamoto knew that things were going to end badly, ordering the healer to stay safe so she could tend to the wounded once it was all over. Now that things have settled down, the question is where do they go from here? Its hard to imagine that the Gotei 13 can do anything but wait for the Royal Guard right now considering the Captain Commander is dead, 2 captains are barely alive right now and 3 lieutenants are out of commission. Mayuri likely has something in store so we'll see.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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