The chapter came out a while ago but I must admit, I got caught up in all the work around here, I nearly forgot to write a blog this week. But fear not, I finally remembered so here is another blog for your reading and commenting pleasure.

I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. While the Orihime/Riruka scene was a bit dull, the constant yelling between Ichigo and Kugo and their relationship is always entertaining. I loved how Kugo thought that 1400 pushups was nothing. Now, there were two main things to this chapter that I will be focusing on, Ichigo's completed fullbring and Tsukishima.

The design of Ichigo's complete fullbring is very interesting. I am not sure if I am a fan of it as I liked his reiatsu shihakusho quite a bit but it was excellently drawn by Kubo. The sword badge was a very neat idea and I liked that. The big thing here is that Kugo said that Ichigo's Fullbring would fuse with his Shinigami powers and he would transcend Shinigami. My mind is all over the place on this one. Somehow I have a feeling that this will be the method by which Hollow Ichigo is brought back in but I am really hoping it is something new. The whole Visored Ichigo thing with the ever evolving mask became stale after a little but adding on to his Shinigami powers instead of Hollow powers would be very interesting and exciting.

The end of course was the big part of this chapter. Tsukishima in Ichigo's house, Yuzu thinks it is their cousin. I think it is pretty obvious at this point that Tsukishima is able to manipulate someone's memories or perception of him. Book of the End is much more than just a sword that can cut through anything. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. I am hoping for an epic Fullbring battle but it will likely be more subtle than that.

As always, comments are very welcomed, just keep them clean.

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