This will be somewhat short as I have to go soon but I am writing this as this would be about the time Lemurs SHOULD be writing her anime blog and the joy of beating her by an entire day will be too great to pass up. :)

So we have a mysterious beginning with the words "the truth" being thrown out a lot. My first thoughts were that we were going to learn Isshin's past because he was so worried about Ichigo finding out the truth from Kugo but nope. Instead the entire reason that Kugo is so against Soul Society is because of... the substitute badge? Yep, apparently it is a tracker and suppresses the reiatsu of the user while they have it on them. Learning this, Kugo betrayed Soul Society and joined the Fullbringers and all I have to say is... Seriously?

I don't really see the harm in being tracked by people who are on your side. And Ichigo had plenty of reiatsu so the suppressing effect was obviously not much. So it seems to me that Kugo is just bat shit crazy and was a much better good guy than bad guy. I seriously do not know what else to say. So Ukitake devised this all? So? Its not bad. Soul Society is just keeping an eye on their assets. No different than when Captains and Lieutenants go to the Human World with the limiter on. I am thoroughly disappointed with this.

Whatever. As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean

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