So a two week break and we are back with this... Kind of disappointing. Another one of Kubo's infamous nothing happens chapters.

Kenpachi confronts the Vandenreich Leader and confirms that it was 3, not 2 SternRitter that he killed. We get the gory details and then Kenpachi attacks the leader only for him to block the strike with his arm. So Kenpachi is alive for now, unlike everyone was thinking.

Ichigo is back to his whiny self in tears that he can't protect everyone. He keeps hacking away at the jail, acting like an idiot per usual when he can't do anything. Its times like these that make me really wish that this story wasn't about Ichigo.

And then, once again skipping over the unsolved mystery of who killed Kirge, we go back to Soul Society were Hisagi is getting his ass kicked. As he is about to die, Yamamoto appears, ready to kick some butt. And because he is there, you know that he had to be the one that killed Sasakibe, the lances and everything. Though we wont get it, I really want Yama to just go bankai and incinerate his opponent in an instant.

So all in all, NOTHING HAPPENED IN THIS CHAPTER. I struggled to write even that much because there was next to nothing that interested me in this chapter.

So as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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