Today I have found that Wikia has intentionally broken another feature. Now when you search for a page, you will no longer be taken to that page. Instead all searches now lead to the search results page. What does this mean? This means redirects are useless now. There is no point in creating them any longer as all searches now lead to the search page. All the optimization we have done around here with redirects to make sure people get to the right page is now for waste.

Also, this means slower load times for pages. You now have to type in the search, hit enter, look for the page you want and click on it. The only way to bypass this is to manually type in the URL. This also means that Disambiguation pages are useless. Kurosaki, Kenpachi and Urahara are pointless now because spending enough time searching will yield what you want.

You can read the full details here. The outcrying has been almost entirely negative so far concerning this but I doubt wikia really cares.

UPDATE: Wikia will now be adding a preference for a button for Oasis users (the defualt skin), to replicate Monobook's Go button, which will lead directly to a page rather than going to the search results.

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