I was disappointed when I woke up this morning. Last night, I got access to the increased width and it was awesome, all the content was back where it should be. Now I wake up and the community corner, the sidebar and the header are all gone. Stupid beta testing.

Anyway on to the chapter. Not much to say about this one. Orihime is going crazy because of Ichigo. She is madly in love with him and is getting embarrassed around him. Back over at the Kurosaki's Yuzu and Karin are eating and Karin makes fun of Yuzu causing her to run off. Ichigo rushes to the hospital to see Ishida. It seems he did not lose his arm, I thought it would have been funny if he had. Oh well. Ryuken had invited Ichigo and Orihime there but Sado could not be reached. Sado's absence is starting to become mysterious. I would not be surprised if something was up with him. Anyway, Ryuken and Uryū fight and then Ichigo offers to walk Orihime home but Ryuken saves her and offers to drive her home. He tells her that Uryu's attacker was human and had something that was not quite reiatsu. He is most likely coming after other special humans. Ichigo wanders around and then finally calls the number on the card from last time.

Not a great chapter. Nothing really captured my attention like the last few chapters. This new guy isn't really sparking my curiosity for some reason. I just don't know why. I think the fact that Ryuken said he was human was kind of a let down. Special humans have become so boring. I was hoping for something new. Its time for Isshin to make another appearance now. This arc seems to be revolving around him a bit so I want to find out more there. We'll see how the nect chapter goes.

Until next time, comments are always appreciated, just keep them clean.

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