First an announcement. Salubri brought to the attention of the P&S Committee that we have been slacking off and that the Article Improvement Project is being ignored. All of us on the committee are trying to pick up our slack and get alot of these things done but we can only do so much. All users should help out with the Bleach Wiki:Article Improvement Project. Just sign up to help on one of the things that needs to get done and show that you care about the site and you care about Bleach.

Onto the the matter at hand though. Another week, another Welcome to Our Execution. I get nervous anytime I see anything above two now after Deicide. Hopefully I won't be here in a few months writing about Welcome To Our Execution 15. I like fresh chapter titles. Anyway on to the actual chapter.

Ichigo is on the line with Kūgo and is told a complicated series of instructions to call back. This had me laughing as I have pulled pranks like this in the past(some of theme have even worked). They make plans to meet and then we see Orihime talking to Ichigo that no one has seen Sado. At least someone is finally acknowledging it. He used to be a main character and was mysteriously absent from this arc with no mention at all. Orihime does her now weekly comical face and shows how she is in love with Ichigo but Ichigo shuts her down as usual. Really though, i get that Kubo likes to piss people off by giving Orihime more screen time when people complain but does he have to recycle the same jokes with her every week? Every week she makes a cartoon face that is just stupid and every week Ichigo shows he has no interest in her. At least mix up what she does. Kubo obviously likes the character so I think he should start giving her some purpose. Anyway, Orihime visits Sado but he is not home and she leaves some food for him. Ichigo meets up with Kūgo and shows him their fancy lair/pad. I will call it a lair for now because it sounds cooler. The lair is quite spacious and then Kūgo reveals that his intent is to help Ichigo get his powers back.

Not too much to say on this chapter as it was short. I am happy that Kubo has decided to give a hint as to Ichigo regaining his powers because now all the fanboys will shut up. You have no idea how many questions I have had to answer on Bleach Answers of people asking when Ichigo will get his powers back. It has been annoying me for a while so hopefully this will quite them (though not likely as we still have people asking if Gin is dead- yes he is dead people, move on). I am still waiting for Sado to show up. How many chapters are we into this arc and the guy was only mentioned for the first time last chapter? It's looking like the action is starting to pick up again so we will see where that goes. I can't get a good read on Kūgo though. Is he the villain or not? He is very Sensui-esque to me so I think he is. As for my theory on the meaning of the arc name which still has yet to be discussed really, it is looking like it is simply referring to Ichigo. Whatever though. I am rambling at this point so I will cut my ramblings here

As always comments are greatly appreciated, just keep them clean. I am now off to start studying for my only final(anyone want to be on whether or not I can read 350 pages by Saturday?). I hate finals.

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