My internet is too slow. By the time I started the chapter(moments after Yyp created the chapter page) and finished it, everyone had already done all the updating of pages and uploaded several pics. It took me over 20 minutes to read that chapter but it was a pretty good one.

At the end of the last chapter I was unsure of exactly what Kugo had done to Ichigo's eyes but that was cleared up quickly and it seems he did indeed cut across Ichigo's eyes, blinding him. Though Ichigo tried to fight with his other senses, Kugo proved that he is not too good at that. The shift in Kugo here was quite enjoyable. I will admit, for a second I was thinking Kugo may actually turn out to be a bad guy. With Yukio imprisoning Orihime and silencing her, I was a little worried. I very much liked the end in which Kugo said he was a cliche villain because I have always felt that Kubo has a tendency to do that with his villains. It was nice to see him acknowledge it.

Now, the big part of this chapter was of course that Ichigo's power literally exploded. I feel Fullbring is becoming a little too complicated now. It started as a simple ability to understand, it manipulates the souls of objects and if you have a particular affinity to an object, you can change its form. But then it became that you could change the form of any object that you loved, then there was bringer light and that a Fullbring cannot change but Tsukishima's seems to have and now this whole mastery explosion thing. Very complicated now. Oh well, I will just sit back and make due with all its intricacies. I will be excited to see exactly what Ichigo can do with his newly mastered Fullbring now and this also raises the question of has Sado not mastered his Fullbring because as far as I know he has never exploded. I guess we will have to wait and see on that one.

As always, comments are very welcomed, just keep them clean.

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