Another week, another blog. Mangastream finally decided that they wanted to release the chapter to stop the probable rights that were going on. Seriously, it got to about 1 am last night and myself, Lia, Lemursrule and Mohrpheus were all complaining about it. Anyway, onto the chapter

Ichigo starts off where we left off last time, Kugo has told him there is something about his family that Ichigo does not know. Ichigo walks away and tells Kugo that he does not trust him. Kugo then hands him something and Ichigo goes home. Initially I had thought I just couldn't tell what was being handed to Ichigo but I was glad that was not the case. Anyway, Ichigo goes home and Yuzu is there with her first test. Ichigo congratulates her and asks where Isshin is. It seems Isshin has disappeared again. As Ichigo walks away, Yuzu senses something about him. Perhaps his reiatsu? As he goes to his room, he wonders where Isshin is and wishes he could sense his reiatsu. Orihime shows up outside his window and Ichigo invites her in. It seems she sells bread these days. She begins questioning him as to whether something has happened recently and if someone is following him. Ichigo replies that she is the one more likely to get a stalker, which made me laugh. Ishida arrives and sees a mysterious man and follows him. The man moves extremely fast and Ishida notes that he is not gathering spirit particles beneath his feet. The man turns and attacks Ishida as the scene changes back to Ichigo, sitting at his desk.Ichigo pulls out what he was given earlier, a card and turns around to the sound of siren's coming to help Ishida. The card falls to the ground and says "Welcome to our XCUTION".

Poor Ishida though. That's twice now that he's lost his arm. If I remember, that is the same arm as well though I may be mistaken. Maybe he didn't lose his arm, it looks like there is a hand by his side but I don't know. The chapter started slow but I was happy with the ending. It seems Ichigo has something about him, whether it is reiatsu or not is yet to be seen but its making me curious. As for this new guy, is it me or does he resemble Zangetsu a bit? The hair is similar, he seems like a cross between Zangetsu and Sado. This movement things has me perplexed. I can't think of any explanations for it or the light that was coming up. I guess we'll just have to wait. That fan coloring at the end though was very nice.

That's all for this week. Comments are very welcomed just keep them clean

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