Wow Kubo's german is bad. Being that I don't know spanish, I can't say if the spanish speakers here felt the same during the Arrancar arc but wow, Kubo cannot get his german right. Anyway, putting his bad german aside, not a bad chapter.

I think the most important part of this chapter is that we finally have an idea of how these Quincy are so advanced. What we have to go on is the Ishidas. We assumed that they were the model of quincies and that Quincies fought like we have seen with the Ishidas. Many of use were shocked when the Vandenreich showed up wielding many new weapons we had never seen and we figured these are not normal Quincy but it is instead the opposite. The Ishidas are not normal Quincy. Soken refused to use the advancements that these Quincy had made over 200 years ago. Soken passed his teaching of the old ways of the Quincy down to Ryuken and to Uryu. This explains a whole lot

In other news, it seems Kirge can use that form without losing his powers. Im not surprised really. I had a feeling that considering how fast he went in to it, the drawbacks were likely minor. And also we see the return of our favorite gigantic chimaera, Ayon. I figured he would make an appearance. Looks like so long as the three have their arms, they can summon Ayon, even if he was killed. Interesting.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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