Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnddddddd we're back. Three week break over and we are finally in the start of the final arc. Now before everyone starts complaining about this being the final arc and that Bleach is ending. No, it's not ending. Not for several more years. By the time it ends we are likely to have 700 chapters or more. If any of you are unaware, during the three week break there were omakes printed that gave details of everything coming up. Check out this for information about that.

As for the chapter itself... meh. I was really expecting more but it will do. The start of the chapter was really the most interesting part. Akon is a third seat now which of course means I want to see his Zanpakuto. Mayuri's new look is... interesting. Many Hollows have been completely wiped from existence and Mayuri says that only one party could do this. To me, that seems to mean Quincies as we know from the early days of Bleach that when a Quincy kills a Hollow, the soul does not re-enter the cycle of reincarnation and just dies. We'll see however.

Zennosuke is back and he is no longer in charge of Karakura Town but rather sends two new people to town to watch after things, Shino and Ryunosuke. Shino seemed to be another of those bitchy girls that Kubo loves to make, ala Hiyori and Riruka. Ryunosuke seems to be like a Hanataro. Well, fans finally got what they wanted, a good guy died. Shino is killed by a Hollow and Ichigo comes to the rescue. As he does, a mysterious man watches from the corner.

Not a bad chapter but not the best way to get things started on the penultimate arc. Though judging by everything that was released about this arc so far, very good things are in store. The first 3 chapters or so will probably be largely set up and catch up with everything happening but then the good stuff should start coming in.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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