Not to take away any attention from Lia's, TV's and my ever competing weekly blogs but I have done quite a bit of thinking of late. Im going to stick to normal terms here so I will not be using my made up names of Carnage and Pseudo Aizen.

Now, I think the sentiment around this site is pretty much at a consensus that no one likes how Aizen is always evolving. I myself do not like it and I found this latest transformation to be horribly unnecessary and just plain stupid. I keep thinking there is no reason for all of this. Aizen is plenty strong enough without any of these and even just in his chrysalis form, he could demolish everyone. He is now on his fourth form and with each change, we all get angrier and angrier.

Then I considered things from Kubo's perspective. He needs to please his fans. While yes, we are all fans here, the majority of his fans are Asian and many Japanese. Kubo himself is Japanese. The Japanese are much different than North Americans and Europeans. Their culture is vastly different than our own. The Japanese love big monsters and transformation as much as we love superheroes. Yes, not everyone loves superheroes and not every Asian loves big monsters and transformations but it is still vastly popular and that is what Kubo knows. I do not know Kubo but from looking at his work, I think it is safe to say that he is like many of his culture and loves monsters.

When I was a child, I used to watch The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. It was originally a Japanese show but they cut out parts and inserted American Teenagers in and dubbed it. Many of us know that Ichigo's English Dub voice was once on this show. Each episode usually consisted of some monster showing up and wrecking the place, the power rangers show up, beat him it, the monster goes through a transformation and grows gigantic and then the power rangers get in their giant robots and beat it again. It sounds stupid now I know but when I was a kid I loved it. There were many shows like this when I was growing up. Japanese culture has not changed much since then and these transformations and growths are still seen.

We as North Americans and Europeans find Aizen's transformations to be stupid and odd but to Kubo and his Japanese fans, they are not. They are expected and welcomed.

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