So a little anecdote before I start. I am out of town until Monday attending a conference. I check into the hotel with my friends and I am told that internet costs 10 dollars a day. I am a poor college student and I think I can just skate by using my handy 3G phone. Yeah, this isn't working so well. I told myself if the chapter wasn't anything special, I would not write a blog on it but the chapter just had to be great when I was willing to not write for a week. I had to read the chapter on my mangastream app which is terrible. I refuse to pay for internet but editing on a phone sucks. Just figuring out how to write this blog was a pain. I better get extra comments for all the trouble I am going through for you guys. Anyway, this blog will deviate a bit from my usual format. As there is not a lot happening in this chapter, just a lot of explanation, I will just give a basic summary and give a lot of my thoughts on what has been happening. If my grammar is bad, blame it on the phone bcause you know my grammar is usually impeccable.

So we start with a cool little page of Sado, not bad. Ichigo is getting attacked by mad Beast Pork and Riruka looks a little worried. We get a hint of Girikos abilities. Riruka says Pork is ugly and Giriko reveals that the timer is his. (Sidenote that probably only Lemursrule will get: Anyone else imagining John Cleese voicing this guy?) Anyway, Riruka and Sado want to pull Ichigo out of the box but Giriko explains his abilities. He sets timers on things with which conditions have to be met before they expire or else... Yeah, kind of cool. Then explains that Ichigo just has to last 30 minutes but if they pull him out early, the box, Ichigo and Pork will burst into flames. Ichigo tries to use Fullbring again and Sado gives him the key. It is pride. Sado explains he has pride in his skin and Ichigo needs to have pride in being a Shinigami. He thinks and it works as we see the shape of his Bankai sword emanating from the badge.

So, while not the greatest of chapters, I liked it for a few reasons. The first being Girikio. I love his ability. That is just awesome. I love time based abilities and the ability to set a time limit on accomplishing something or things go haywire is just amazing. As I said, I picture John Cleese saying his lines. For those of you who do not know John Cleese, WHY DON'T YOU KNWO JOHN CLEESE? He is only one of the greatest british comedians of all time. Look him up now, Ministry of Silly Walks on youtube go now. Anyway, yes I imagine him with a very nice birtish accent. It seems his ability has something to do with his eye as well as it said what power lies behind the eye but I am confused there as it shows him holding a pocket watch. I also liked this chapter because it finally showed some depth with Riruka. She was upset, she seemed to care for Ichigo. This is the first time she has showed anything but anger really. I like my characters to have depth and so if she is going to be around for a while, she needs some depth. Sado was one thing that really pissed me off a little. HIS SKIN? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? HE ACTIVATES HIS FULLBRING WITH HIS SKIN? How lame can you get. I call shenanigans. I usually trust in Kubo's writing ability as he always surprises us but this just doesn't cut it. This angers me. For once I pray for a retcon.

Here is the other thing that is going on. We have all been having this debate for a while now. How is Ichigo using Fullbring? Kubo has done a terrible job with explaining this to us. There is no answer at this point. We can only guess and that is making me mad. One chapter he says they are going to restore his Shinigami powers so that they can give him Fullbring but now he has to use Fullbring to get his powers back. It is just stupid. The other question is even if he can use fullbring, how did he get it. There is only one plausible story in my mind right now. The Six Fullbringers said that the Fullbringers had a parent who was attacked by a Hollow, it did not say mother. It says that a piece of the Hollow stayed with the mother until she gave birth though. My only somewhat plausible explanation of this is genetics and that the piece of the Hollow is passed on through genetics during conception. This would mean that Isshin, who was probably attacked by a Hollow hundreds of times, passed on the Hollow piece. If that does not work out than nothing will as there is officially nothing else there. No reason whatsoever... and now my battery is dying so I am going to end this and find my charger.

As always, comments are very much appreciated but keep them clean. (Remember, extra love this week because of all I went through to write this.

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