Another set up chapter. My thoughts on it are basically the same as last chapter. Not much really happened but here we go.

The other Visored are now confirmed to be still in Karakura. Lisa is sporting a new look which I can't really say I am a fan of. Anyway, Hiyori is alive and well and is somehow able to "smell" Shinigami. A garganta then appears to open right by her so Im guessing that is where our mysterious guest from later in the chapter came from.

Ichigo took Ryunosuke back his place where he has been sleeping for a day. Very typical Ichigo. Though what I did like was the scene of Ichigo and friends taking out the Hollows. Pretty cool to see how much they have all grown since the start of the series. Anyway, Shino is unfortunately not dead. Looks like we will be living with another Hiyori type character for a while in this arc. Ryunosuke is clearly a Hanataro type character so Im not too excited to be seeing him a lot.

In Soul Society, we see people in Rukongai are disappearing again. Wonder what it could be this time. We know Hollow's are disappearing and now Rukongai citizens as well. The big thing of this chapter was Ivan, an Arrancar who suddenly appeared in Ichigo's room. Now Kubo did say that he might bring back some Arrancar and its all but explicitly stated that this arc will be about Quincies. So my thoughts are that this Ivan fellow is looking for help against the Quincy who are destroying Hollows. We'll see how this plays out but should be interesting.

Anyway, not the best chapter but it was ok. Im thinking about one to two more chapters of setup like this before we start with the plot moving.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean

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