Well, while I take a break from writing my essay, I figured I would make my blog.

I liked this chapter. I don't remember there being a starter 1 though, maybe I am just forgetting. First off, Ichigo and Ishida are taking care of those punks from the last chapter and we get to my favorite thing about the chapter, the title page. I just loved how the numbers were written out on the guy's teeth. Then we have Ichigo and Ishida on the next page, arms out showing they had both punched the guy. That was great. We learn that Ishida has been working for Urahara and is Student Council President. Then we have this Yoko-chin guy. I am not sure what was going on there but I got the sense he was kind of crazy. From there, Ichigo is kidnapped by his former boss Unagiya. She is nuts but I like her. My question though was who was the foot from last chapter? Was it Unagiya or was it Yoko-chin? I was a little confused by that. In the end we have the mysterious man from the first chapter returning.

So I am excited now, I think we are going to be learning about him in the next chapter if Kubo does not dissapoint. We will know why he has a substitute badge and all that stuff. So while I feel this chapter was not all that much, it was good setup and I am looking forward to next week

As always comments are always welcome just keep them clean.

Now I have to go back to writing an essay on the collective action problem of the environment and pollution :(

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