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Godisme December 26, 2010 User blog:Godisme

First off Merry Christmas everyone! I can finally say I own a season of Bleach. I got the Arrancar Arrival arc on DVD today. I was not expecting a new chapter today but I got a nice surprise in my twitter feed today. Anyway, I will keep this one kind of short as I have a little more celebrating to do. Ill skip the summary for this one and just write my thoughts and ideas.

I liked the chapter. There was not too much to it but it explained alot which I liked. Kugo's ability, it was very unique and has many possibilities to it. I am wondering how many there are of them. He is able to make a sword from a cross so that is a very powerful ability. It was nice to finally see Sado. I had a feeling he would be connected to Xcution in some way so now I am curious as to what will be happening with him. Could he have more to his ability than we know of? I am very excited to see what will be happening next.

Sorry for the short blog but it is Christmas and I am off to enjoy my gifts a little more. I got a ton of new clothes and a few games so I am happy, especially now that I have Bleach on DVD. So merry christmas to all and to all a good night.

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