Good day so far. I woke up and I had three emails from my professors for the day all saying that class was canceled due to the snow! Now we have a new Bleach chapter.

So lets see. Ichigo and Sado see each other and Ichigo throws a big fit. He demands to know why Sado is there and Kūgo tells him to settle down. Ichigo continues to rant and rave and finally he settles down. Riruka did not know that Sado and Ichigo knew each other. She starts acting all angry and shouts and stuff. It seems that is all she does really, just shouts and gets angry. Kūgo begins explaining after sheathing his sword. He has to pay for the floor tiles he broke later. He explains more on their powers. A Hollow is missing its heart because of its pain of not being purified by a Shinigami. The heart forms into its mask. Fullbring comes from having a parent who was attacked by a Hollow. A piece of the Hollow then stays with the mother and is transferred to the child. They do not like their powers and want to get rid of them. The only way they can do that is by transferring their powers to the exact opposite of themselves. They have the powers of a Hollow and a Human so they need someone with the powers of a Shinigami and a Human to give their powers to, i.e. Ichigo. Sado is confirmed to have Fullbring and says that he cannot look at Ichigo since he lost his powers. He sees Ichigo feels helpless because he cannot protect everyone. Ichigo decides he will help them. Riruka comes in and starts shouting and be angry again before she turns on a flashlight and sees that Ichigo is a "hottie".

First things first, Fullbring. I had forgotten that today was Wednesday and so when i saw someone put int he new information on Fullbring without a reference and was about to warn them for making up some of the stupidest fan fiction I had ever seen before I remembered. I read the chapter and found that the Hollow attacking parent part was true unfortunately. I think it is stupid. It is purely a plot device though because Ichigo will receive his Shinigami powers back and then on top of it will get the Fullbringers powers on top of that so Hollow Ichigo is back unfortunately. I never had much of a problem with the guy except the fans go absolutely crazy for the guy and it annoys me. Do you know how many questions I had to answer on Bleach Answers that asked "Is Hollow Ichigo going to be back" or "Will ichigo still have his Hollow powers?". I wanted the guy to go away so I could laugh at all the people who would cry their eyes out in his absence. Then we have Riruka who I give the award to for most pointless new character. Seriously, all she does is complain and get angry and shout. She is pointless. New Kūgo is still bothering me. He seems like he is a good guy now but there is something about him that I just cannot get a read on. Its bugging me.

Anyway, decent chapter. As always, comments are very welcomed, just keep them clean.

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