Deicide is finally over. I very much enjoyed this chapter. It ties so many things up so nicely and was just perfect. When we first see Mayuri, I was thinking Kubo was just going to skip the Yammy fight and then when Zaraki and Byakuya showed up, it definitely seemed that way but then Zaraki just says it was a boring fight and we see Yammy all cut up and the return of the hollow dog. Very nice.

Then Urahara says that they are taking Aizen's seal to Seireitei. This makes me believe Aizen will show up again somewhere down the road. Escape his seal or perhaps someone frees him. I don't know, it just seems something is up with that. I am not sure whether or not I liked Ichigo's theory on Aizen though, in some ways it makes him seem a little more believable but at the same time it seems a little out of character for Aizen. A man who wanted nothing but power suddenly gives it all up? I am not sure if I buy it.

Also, is it just me or does it look like Ishida is still missing an arm? I thought Orihime was supposed to be fixing that for him. The Visoreds(I am never going to get used to that) are all healed up now. Will Hiyori hang on or will she die. Following Kubo's rules she will live since she is a good guy.

I am trying to think of any unanswered questions still. The only one I can think of is what happened to Yamamoto but there are probably more I cannot think of.

Also, what does everyone think of the last page? Is that Ichigo losing his power or is something else happening? I am curious.

As always comments are appreciated, just keep them clean.

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