So with no surprise to anyone, the mysterious voice from Hueco Mundo was Urahara. Really, I don't think anyone thought otherwise. Orihime and Sado are safe as well and its all happy there. This chapter, though still refusing to reveal the mystery person who saved Urahara, pretty much confirmed for me that it is Grimmjow. Only Grimmjow would get that reaction from Ichigo.

So the Royal Guard can't fix Ichigo's Zanpakuto. At least Kubo is sticking to his rule that he made up 3 chapters ago. So now he has to reforge the blade and whatever and it will suddenly be useable again. Whatever, at least he isn't going through Quincy training or some bull like that. It was nice seeing Kukkaku and Ganju again, I had figured that Kubo forget all about them and they were doomed to never appear again like so many characters from past arcs.

I suppose the big reveal of this chapter is that Kugo, Tsukishima and Giriko are all in Soul Society and were saved by Kukkaku. So this goes to show once and for all that Tsukishima is dead and the people who said he was not were wrong as usual. Seriously people, he had a whole blown through his chest, he was not going to survive that. I don't know why people thought he was alive.

Overall, a very meh chapter. So that is it for me. As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean

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