Ah,my first blog with the new blog header. Special thanks goes to Moncho(I know you're not reading this but whatever) for getting that up and running for us. Its been a bad week so far, I'm terribly behind in my reading(I have 3 books I need to read for Monday a 180 pager, a 250 pager and a 600 pager) and to top it off, my computer died on me last night. I finally cracked the thing open this morning and sat there with my tool kit, repairing the thing but I have no idea how long it will last. Anyway, I'm rambling. Onto the chapter.

We start with Jackie realizing that Ichigo is drawing on his combat experience and it looks like Ichigo's fullbring has gotten smaller, maybe a nod to what is about to happen. Reiatsu begins to shoot out of Ichigo's badge and covers his arm. Meanwhile Sado has explained the situation with Orihime to Kugo and Kugo says the situation is very serious. Back in the fish tank, Ichigo's arm is enveloped by reiatsu. Jackie wants to cancel the training but Ichigo says no. Jackie yells and tells him its too dangerous. Back outside, Kugo explains that Tsukishima's ability is to cut through anything, but not alter memory. Sado asks if the ability evolved and Kugo explains that Fullbrings don't evolve. Sado argues his case but Kugo says he simply did not have full access to his ability. Kugo says it might have been someone else that attacked Orihime as Tsukishima then breaks in. He greets everyone and says that Yukio should read more. He then goes to attack the fish tank and we get a glimpse inside to see that Ichigo is now in a shikashusho.

So not a bad chapter. Like most lately though, it suffers from moving too quickly. My biggest problem though is that it ended too fast. I was thoroughly enjoying this chapter when it just up and ended. I wanted more, I am actually craving more, something that I haven't really been feeling in chapters lately. It was a great start to a chapter but I wanted so much more. I suppose I will have to wait for next week though. On the last page though, did anyone notice that Ichigo's arm is looking a lot like how it was during the final getsuga? I have no idea what it means and it could just be coincidence but it was very cool seeing it. Now here is the question, what is going on with Tsukishima. I have no idea what his ability is now. It certainly cuts anything but then what is going on with Orihime? Perhaps Sushigawara had something to do with it? I don't know but I really want to find out.

As always, commtents are appreciated, just keep them clean. Also. I forgot to mention in my blog last week, I have been contributing to the site for a full year now rather than only just doing blogs. Has it really been only a year?

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