So I have a ton of work on my plate until elections on Tuesday. It seems my candidate may not win in a landslide anymore. Anyway, I am supposed to be in active here but just wanted to drop by and give you my weekly blog that I know all 5 of you who it read have been waiting for.

We start out with a time skip as everyone expected. Ichigo is now 17. He comes down from his room and Karin and Yuzu are getting ready to start school. I did not recognize Yuzu at first, she looks very different. Isshin then comes in and makes the chapter or me. He is crying while trying to figure out what tie to wear. Its always nice to have comic relief Isshin back. They get to school and Tatsuki wants her Tekken back. Ichigo pulls out his badge and is reminded of his time as a shinigami.It seems Ishida is now in charge of taking care of Hollows because good old Zennosuke is unreliable. I was glad to learn that Rukia did not come back in a gigai and cheat the ending we had last chapter. That would have ruined everything. Ichigo saves this new guys bag and when he leaves, we find he knows about Ichigo and has taken his badge.

So, obviously the new arc will concern this guy and getting back the badge. I am wondering what else they can do with it. Perhaps the badge holds a way of regaining his shinigami powers? Overall I will say this chapter is good but not as good as I was hoping for after a two week hiatus and a string of like 5 amazing chapters. Oh well. I am excited to see what else is going to happen.

Not much else to say, mainly due to how busy I am. I probably will not be able to get back on here before maybe friday or saturday so keep the comments clean and I expect to have a ton of comments to read before I come back.

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