Im late on this or whatever but its the day after christmas so forgive me.

Pretty disappointing chapter here. The last chapter set up for a nice explanatory chapter about Kugo and how he assembled Xcution but we got nothing. So Kugo is dead in one of the most boring, least engaging fights we have ever seen in Bleach. Everyone who we thought was dead is alive and everything is wrapping up without giving us answers.

Kubo failed here. Especially with Jackie. Jackie was dead, the chat rooms were said to only go down when one person died. Renji is alive, the chat room went down, ergo Jackie must be dead but nope, she is alive and well, she just lost her Fullbring exactly as she wanted to. Then Tsukishima was given 10 minutes to live, his ability even deactivated as confirmed in this chapter but nope, he is still alive, being carried by Sushigawara who was supposed to have realized that he was better than what he had been and not doing anything Tsukishima said to do. Everything that Kubo had told us happened or would happen did not.

We still have no idea about Kugo's past and yet we were teased about it in the last chapter. I had wanted to see Kugo becoming a Shinigami, why was he chosen? How did he discover his powers? What was his Zanpakuto? All of this could have been explored but nope. We had to have a touchy feely wrap up chapter. Very, very dissapointed in this chapter and the end of this arc in general. Kubo created these characters with great potential and then let them stay completely flat instead of fleshing them out. Oh well, here's to hoping for a better next arc.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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