Look how early I managed to get this one out! This is some kind of record for me or something. Anyway, chapter, or should I say lack of chapter.

There was practically nothing to it. About 12 pages of slashes and hard to see cuts before Ichigo manages to stab Ginjo and it looks like kill him. Then, the man who refuses to die, even with a hole in his chest and who was supposed to die like a month ago, Tsukishima arrives to try and kill Ichigo. Rukia jumps in to take the attack for him but Riruka then suddenly pops out and takes the blow. What interests me here though is that we FINALLY have confirmation that Tsukishima is able to choose whether his blade cuts or whether it falsifies their history.

The only other real interesting part of this chapter was that last page. Apparently Kugo met Tsukishima while he was a Shinigami and Tsukishima was a kid. Hopefully this means that next weeks chapter will be about Kugo's past. I would love to see 2 or 3 chapters exploring Kugo's past as a Shinigami and his forming of Xcution. More so than anything, that is what I want to see right now. My dream would be to have a full turn back the pendulum like arc on Kugo but I know that would never happen. I just really want to know how he became a substitute, how he found out about the badge, what he did afterwards and how he found all the fullbringers. Though because the fans seem to hate this arc and Kugo and the fullbringers so much, I doubt we will get more than a chapter on all of this. Here's to hoping though.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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