This chapter did not help with the fact that when I woke up, I thought it was Wednesday. Darn you chapter and your coming out early.

So Kubo is very committed to this not changing scenes until the fight is through now. I would have thought we would go back to Hueco Mundo this week but for maybe only the second or third time ever, the chapter after someone releases their ability actually shows what they can do. Incredible. As for Yama's bankai, it feels kind of weak. Considering his Shikai was a mass of flames that could destroy anything, having such a concentrated Bankai seems to not do it justice. It almost feels as if the bankai is the shikai and the shikai is the bankai. I would have thought Yama's bankai would destroy everything when released considering we know his shikai is capable or eradicating much of the surrounding area. I don't know, the West technique is alright but overall, Im not digging it.

I do like the sun motif behind it. The east and west being the direction the sun moves and containing the power of the sun. I hope more is down with the fact that all the water in the area is being soaked up. Kind of a dick move on Yama's part though to use it when Hitsugaya is battling. Poor kid can't use his shikai anymore. Though without his Bankai, Im surprised he is not dead already. And FINALLY we see Unohana. Sitting around waiting to take care of the injured again. I had hoped that Kubo was going to go through with his promise of showing her fight in this arc but so far she seems content to stay on the sidelines. Too bad.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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