I had such high hopes for this chapter when it started off, I really did, but this was another one of Kubo's famous nothing chapters. Literally, nothing happened in this chapter except for Yamamoto running, that is the only bit of movement or action in this chapter.

The chapter started off great, with Yamamoto saying he would destroy the rebel army. But then we got about 12 pages of the scene going around from person to person and everyone of them saying "Oh, Yamamoto is fighting? I guess that means I have to stop dying and start fighting now." Seriously, even Bambietta stated they were about to die and now just because they have seen Yamamoto, they aren't dying any longer and can fight.

Then we go to Kenpachi and the Vandenreich Leader (whom I will not call Juha Bach yet as Mangapanda hasn't gotten a translation right in ages). And like so many predicted, Kenpachi's ass was served to him on a silver platter. It seems Kenpachi was one of those war potentials people kept getting so obsessed with. But this is a perfect demonstration of everything that is wrong with this arc. Kenpachi has had 4 different fights so far this arc, not a single one of them was shown. Each time we just see who won. Bleach has always been a series praised for its battle scenes, I dont understand why Kubo is not drawing any.

Also, a few chapters back, someone on here stated that they thought Kenpachi's ability is to make himself stronger than his opponent and said they would eat their foot if this were not true. Well, whoever you are, start eating, because Kenpachi clearly was not able to become stronger than the Vandenreich Leader :)

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean

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