Eh, not bad. We finally got some history which I am always happy about, though the chapter floated too much between past and present. I would have liked it to stay fully in the past and actually seen the fight between little kid Zaraki and Unohana. But this chapter did one thing very well. It put the nail in the coffin of Godpachi and then threw it down into it's grave and buried it. To anyone who still believes that Narita's crap novel is canon, here you go, Godpachi does not exist, he does not have the power to raise his spiritual power level to beyond his opponent's, he just has a lot of it that he never uses.

Other than that though, there wasn't much to it. Unohana looks like she is down for the count after that last blow. Hopefully Unohana has a means of healing herself and gets up and kills Kenpachi for good. In all seriousness though, I would have liked to see this fight be longer. Thats one of my chief complaints with this arc so far. The fights aren't fights. They take about 2 chapters and don't show a whole lot. And Kubo is not the greatest story teller so the fights are where he has always shined but now, no fights. Oh well.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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