TIL getting your throat slit in Bleach is but a flesh wound. Seriously though, Kenpachi had his throat slit by Unohana and yet he is not dead. Go figure. Anyway, good chapter. This was the kind of chapter we needed. No Ichigo, no royal palace, just some good fighting and character development.

So obviously Kubo wants us to think one of them is going to die. What with that first 3 pages of Yachiru and Isane. But I will say this, if one of them dies, it will be Unohana, make no mistake about it. Look at it this way, this whole thing is about making Kenpachi stronger. If Kubo just planned to kill him, why have him even wake up from his coma? If one dies, it will be Unohana.

Firstly though, Unohana fighting is awesome. She has style which Kenpachi and Ichigo severely lack. She is a true demon in combat it seems. So now Kenpachi is all sliced up and on the verge of death. But no, apparently he gets stronger each time he faces death. So basically, he is a Saiyan. It all makes sense now, the spiky hair, the mass powerups, the yellow reiatsu. Kenpachi Zaraki is a super saiyan.

The chapter was kind of badly translated which had me confused at the end, not knowing who was speaking. I was fearing that it was Kenpachi's Zanpakuto speaking to him, which would have meant that basically his Zanpakuto was telling him he was Godpachi. But it was just Unohana so it works out much better. False alarm people, no Godpachi still. I am hoping for a flashback next week but any kind of backstory would be nice. I want to know what went down in their fight.

Anyway, overall, very good chapter. As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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