I remember from a while ago seeing Mohrpheus and Lia complaining that they did not like the character that shared a birthday with them. I don't have any character that shares a birthday with me. I went through a list of like 15 animes or something and I didn't find one character that shared a birthday with me. Not a single one so it is nice to have a chapter out on my birthday. Let's start this thing though,

Sushigawara comes into Tsukishima's place with groceries. He says it was hard to find honey but soon notices that Tsukishima isn't there. Immediately I liked this start as it was funny but you knew it was going to get intense soon and that happens. It switches over to where we left off in the last chapter with Kugo blocking Tsukishima. Its good to see that Kubo corrected his mistake on the last chapter and drew the blade the right size. Ichigo tries to tell Kugo to move so he can fight and Kugo elbows him in the back and says that he will not let him since Ichigo dying is not in his best interest. I did not expect that but it was much welcomed. Tsukishima and Kugo tell each other that the other will die if they fight. We then see an awesome Fullbring fight. I really cannot wait for the anime to get to this because I have a feeling they will extend this fight and it will be amazing. We see Kugo's ability, a giant energy slash. Ichigo breaks free and tries to attack Tsukishima but Yukio literally saves him as in the game terms.Now is it just me or does Yukio look taller?

Anyway, great chapter. I really enjoyed it. The action has picked up finally and it really feels like Bleach again. I really like Kugo's ability. It is getsugaish without being boring like getsuga is now. Yukio's ability is very interesting. Obviously Ichigo is saved in his ability but I am thinking that that is not all that it can do. With a name like Invaders Must Die, it likely can do something else as well. Seeing Sushigawara again was unexpected but enjoyable. He adds some nice humor in there and I get to type Sushigawara which entertains me. I have things to do so I will cut this one short.

As always, comments are very welcome just keep them clean.

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