Why is it that every time I don't have access to a computer and considered not writing a blog, the chapter is awesome? I am writing this on my cell phone so excuse any grammar mistakes (was it just me or was the chapter littered with grammatical errors?) Lets start this thong though. It will be short though as again, I'm on my phone.

The chapter sta rted out and I was not liking it too much. I thought we were going to be in for more of the same. However, I was proved wrong. As soon as the fighting commenced I was very happy. I didn't like that it glossed over Sado attacking to show Yukio and Riruka but I can deal with it. Seeing Ichigo fight with Fullbring though was very entertaining. It reminded me alot of some of the earlier fights in the soul society arc. Also, the past tense verb of Fullbring is apparently Fullbrought. This is a little funky but okay. Now Lugosi stepping in at the end is awesome. I cannot wait to see him fight. Overall, I would say that this is the best chapter in this arc so far.

As always, comments are very welcome just keep them clean.

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