This is probably the latest I have ever put one of these out. Actually, it was going to be even later because technically I should be in class right now but hey, 10 bomb threats in 3 weeks and you're bound to get a class off eventually. Anyway, apologies for my lateness and let's dive in.

So basically, Nel is back because Dondochakka has been captured by the Vandenreich. Pesche is back and doing his usual perverted routine. With this, I can't say I wouldn't find it absolutely hilarious if the Vandenreich has brainwashed Dondochakka and turned him into some kind of Quincy like Ivan. With Dondochakka's complete inability to do anything productive, seeing him as a useless enemy would be quite funny.

Meanwhile, we have Chojiro, who is suddenly revealed to be some kind of super strong lieutenant with Bankai attained before Ukitake or Shunsui and who met the qualifications to be captain but was too loyal to Yamamoto. ... too bad none of this was said before he died. What a wasted character then. Though we may get to see his Bankai after all. Something about Ivan's pendant being empty was mentioned and it relating to Ichigo's bankai. This makes me believe that they seal Bankais in their pendants. Maybe they will be able to unleash that power. Would be interesting if it happened.

Overall, I think this arc is starting to find its swing. My one complaint about this arc so far is how much is being introduced and then forgotten about/changed/skipping over other stuff. Ivan is an Arrancar, no he's a Quincy, no he's an Arrancar. There are holes literally tearing open the dimensions - not mentioned in several chapters. I know Kubo is trying to do a lot with this arc but he needs to keep it all together, make up his mind about things and reintroduce plot elements as he goes so we don't forget about them. I think this arc has a lot of potential but there have been some contradictions with previously stated things so far. Let's see how it goes.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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