What kind of a name is "The Closing Chapter Part 1"? I have a feeling that Kubo is going to go Deicide on us with chapter titles and do The Closing Chapter Part X until this invasion is over, but thats not important.

Wow did this chapter have a frantic pace. From the moment it started, its just full onset panic with the Vandenreich obliterating everything in their site. While I hope they find a way to make him live, it looks like Kira is dead. I don't think there is much surviving having your arm and half your chest blown clean off. Also, what is it with the first division and old people? Is it a requirement to look like you are 70+ years old to be in that division? Is it like the retirement division? Joking aside, it seems we are going to get to a know a lot more members of the Gotei 13 in this arc, we already met 3 new members of the third division and saw their Zanpakutos. Can't say I'm optimistic about seeing what each one does. Likely they are all dead now.

This invasion seems more like an extermination rather than the beginning of a war. If people as strong as Kira are being taken out before they even have a chance to fight, I don't see anyway in which Soul Society could not fall. I know many of us have said there is no way Soul Society could fall as that would throw off the entire balance of souls but its already been thrown off and it doesn't look too good for the Gotei 13 right now. Unless the Vandenreich retreat for some reason, its looking like it will have to be the Gotei 13 that goes into hiding. I just can't see a way for them to get out of this unless every Captain starts using Bankai right now. I hope I am wrong about all of this but things just are not looking good for Soul Society.

All in all a good chapter, very intense. So as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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