Another week, another character not getting respect from Kubo like they deserve. Seriously, Unohana is the strongest captain in Soul Society and this is how she goes out? Can't say I like it. I would have maybe been fine if she died last chapter after that fantastic speech she made, but the way she went out now is just terrible. She uses her Bankai, which Kubo doesn't bother to give a name to and whose abilities are who knows what, and then dies a few minutes later. Yeah, nice send off Kubo.

Anyway, I wasn't exactly pleased with this chapter as it seemed rushed. Just lots of frames of slashing back and forth and when we finally get to see Unohana's Bankai, not only does it not have a name, we are given no indication of what it can do and even with it, she loses quicker than she would have if she just stayed unreleased. I think this battle was a lot more about killing Unohana than powering up Kenpachi, as he doesn't seem to be any stronger while Unohana is a whole lot deader. It seems like Kubo just wanted to get rid of Unohana.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

P.S: if you speculate what you think Unohana's Bankai does, it will be deleted. We do not allow speculation.

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