It seems Kubo has run out of original chapter names and is instead using Led Zeppelin song names now.

This chapter was not what I was hoping for. What I wanted was for backstory. How the Royal Guard members got promoted, what they got promoted from, how long ago that was, but instead we only got small little inferences about minor things such as Hikifune used to be slimmer and that the Wakaba lookalike taught Unohana and thus is likely the former 4th division captain, therefore putting an end to the ridiculous theory that Unohana was a member of the original Gotei 13 that everyone has become so obsessed with. We also get a very minor display of their abilities. It looks like the wakaba lookalike is faster than even Sui-Feng and this Senshumaru lady has some weird ability where she can put people in balls. Is any one else finding her creepy?

And now they are off to the Royal Dimension with Byakuya, Renji, Rukia, Tensa Zangetsu and Ichigo where they will all be healed and be just fine because Kubo just cannot bring himself to kill Byakuya despite every time the name Byakuya has been said since 502, it has been in the context of either he is dead or he is dying. Also, why not Kenpachi? He was in critical condition as well, so why are they not healing him? And now that Ichigo is with them for a "different purpose", he will likely get Tensa Zagetsu fixed and receive some new power up while he is at it.

Anyway, as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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